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Dreams Do Come True

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write. Mom kept all my stories from middle school in a box that she carted around to the different places we lived throughout my childhood. Once I finally spread my wings and moved from home, she gave me the box of all the little keepsakes she had been holding onto.

When I finally decided to riffle through the box, my heart swelled when I flipped through all the stories I had written. I dreamt of picking up the hobby again but always managed to put the thought on the back burner as I continued to navigate life.

In my early twenties, my grandmother, who I call – Nan, has always been a fraction away from being classified as bat shit crazy. She doesn’t fit your stereotypical view of an old grandmother. She is a legend. She is funny, and I wondered how we kids survived her antics.

With a burning desire to share her life and all the crazy stories I had to tell, I decided I would eventually, one day, write a book. Whenever something funny happened, I would write it on paper and stash it away in a keepsake box for the day when I found the courage to put it all together in a novel.

May 2022 rolled around, and I finally followed my lifelong writing dream. My fingers to the keyboard, I wrote my little heart out. Before I knew it, I had a business book written and Nan’s book – This is Nanny Joan completed.  

Since that time, I’ve become obsessed! I can’t get enough and feel as though I’ve opened a floodgate inside the creative part of my brain that I’ve kept locked away for years. By 2023, I’d published six novels across multiple genres and have zero intention of stopping.

I would if I could quit my job tomorrow and write for the rest of my days. In a heartbeat!

Once you find your passion, that little thing is like a breath of fresh air. Whatever it is that gives you a purpose – do it! For the love of God, do it!

Follow your passion. Follow your dreams. Follow whatever it is that ignites that flame in your soul. Whatever you do, don’t ever give up. Keep on, keeping on.

All my published novels are available across whatever platform you love. Check out my books below, follow the links and grab your copy today.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading my novels. Thank you for being you and for supporting me.

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