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Vanessa Somerton Author

Meet the Author

Vanessa Somerton is a talented, multi-genre author who has captivated readers with her compelling storytelling. With a diverse range of books to her credit, Vanessa has proven her versatility as a writer. Her books range from romance to mystery, non-fiction to self-help, and business books. Her upcoming release, Branded Man, is a psychological thriller that promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats.


Vanessa's love for writing began when she wanted to tell her grandmother's story, who was diagnosed with dementia. As an empath, her passion for helping people shines through in her writing. She feels deeply and loves watching people achieve their goals and being their biggest cheerleader. Keen to share her story with the world, Vanessa's first book, "This is Nanny Joan," is a biography that captures her grandmother's life and struggles with dementia. Her literary works draw her readers' attention with artistic writing that is simple and easily understandable, with a smooth flow and a great style that gets readers hooked on her writing.

Aside from being a writer, Vanessa is a Process Improvement Manager in the Transportation field, working during the day and writing at night. Her previous experience as an Online Business Manager and owning her own company for ten years has given her the necessary skills to balance both her career and writing. Vanessa is a college graduate with honors in Social Service Work and later in Autism and Behavioral Studies.


Vanessa is known for her easy-going personality, hard work, quick wit, smart sense of humor, and love for dogs and caffeine. She lives in the countryside with her black Labrador, Diesel, and has two young adult children. She enjoys the small things in life, like bonfires and warm summer nights.

Self Publishing

Vanessa Somerton is an imprint of Pleadwell Publishing. A small independent publishing company focused on fiction and non-fiction books.

Fun Facts

I am naturally a smartass and laugh through tough times. A way to my heart isn't with food or diamonds. Buy me some Post-it notes, and I'm a happy camper. Anyone else? 


While it may not always be a pretty sight, as a music junkie, you can find me dancing in my kitchen. I'm not saying I would die without my coffee, but someone else might. 

As an empath and a Virgo, I am a feeler of all the feels. I have nightly conversations with Archangel Michael. He and I are besties. My two kids and two fur babies keep me busy. Call me crazy, but I love eating steamy hot french fries with ice cream. I can't be the only one that does this. Right?

Dance like no one is watching,

Live like you'll never be hurt.

Sing like no one is listening.

Live like it's heaven on earth.

- William Purkey

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