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A multi-genre author who has captivated readers with her compelling storytelling. With a diverse range of books to her credit, Vanessa has proven her versatility as a writer. Her books range from romance to mystery, non-fiction to self-help, and business.

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Samuel Sterling is a long-haul truck driver facing a life sentence in federal prison. He has claimed his innocence since he was arrested, but the evidence against him could leave him facing the electric chair.

Will he be able to prove his innocence and fight for his freedom, or will the prosecution win in one of the most viral cases of the decade?

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I would rate Branded Man a 5 Star!

The first two chapters were incredible hooks for the book. If I were given those as a sample to buy or not the book, I would have bought it. I could picture everything in my mind as a movie with great acting since the imagery was so good. After reading the first two chapters, I couldn't wait to discover how the story would unfold.

— Belle Moon (Beta Reader)

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A Story of Evolution and an Unexpected Romance

Move Me was an easy ready, brimming with beautiful landscapes and a character evolving right before my eyes. I loved the burgeoning relationship between Brooke and Rhett. So Good!

— Stephanie Elizabeth

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If you are from Newfoundland, read this book! If you have a grandmother, read this book! If you like laughing out loud, read this book!

Vanessa Sommerton is a natural storyteller, and she has a ready subject for her stories in her grandmother, Nanny Joan! If you have ever struggled with caring for a relative with dementia, you will find a fellow traveller in Vanessa Sommerton and cannot help but feel encouraged, your struggles heard, and relieved that it is not just you!

— Verified USA Amazon Reader

Love Audiobooks? I've Got You Covered!

Branded Man

A Psychological Thriller.

Move Me

Clean Romance Novella.

This is Nanny Joan

Candid Biography Novel.

What You Accept

Self-Help Book.

I'm here for the chocolate!

Hey there, welcome to my cozy spot on the internet. Fueled on caffeine, I’m proud to offer my readers a variety of genres to meet their reading interests.


I’m currently working on the second book in the Move Me series. I can’t wait to continue to share Brooke & Rhett’s love story.


Please take a moment to shop around my website. If you have any questions, I’m always an email away. Click the Contact Me tab to get in touch.


Happy Reading!



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